Gaya spa is one of the best  spas in Indonesia which  gives you lavish and luxurious comfort in a modern ambience in the central city. A nirvana on earth with holistic ambience in harmony with the six senses, healing your body, mind and spirit.

In the middle of daily routines that consume your time, energy and mind will subconsciously result in imbalance among  physical and mental, emotional and spiritual  conditions that ultimately cause  health problems. It is a must, therefore to restore the balance of the body, mind and soul.

With  traditional treatments  discovered and practiced  by Indonesians hundreds of years ago,  our dedicated and expert therapists  will pamper  you with luxurious spa treatments and heavenly massage.

We have a unique concept  taken from nine  Indonesia local indigenous knowledge  of wellness traditions  such as Betawi, Java, Madura, Bali, Batak, Minang, Banjar, Bugis and Minahasa.  Other popular International treatments : East meet West. Some of our exclusive spa treatments are available and will be given by trained therapists both female and male.

After  treatment, indulge in our longue that provides with a cup of warm wellness drink while gathering with your friends or members of your family in a more relax and fresh condition.